High gold knot Transparent Flops Summer Women heeled With 39 Silver Sandals Sequin Bow Slope Flip Slippers BOpwEfpqyx High gold knot Transparent Flops Summer Women heeled With 39 Silver Sandals Sequin Bow Slope Flip Slippers BOpwEfpqyx
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Open Tue-Sat 11am-9pm | Closed Sun-Mon
39 With Silver knot Women High Bow Flops Slippers heeled Sandals Slope Transparent Flip Summer gold Sequin

High gold knot Transparent Flops Summer Women heeled With 39 Silver Sandals Sequin Bow Slope Flip Slippers BOpwEfpqyx

All sandwiches are on a lightly toasted baguette slathered with aioli, fresh cilantro, pickled jalapeños, crisp romaine & caramelized onions. 
Optional bread choice: flour tortilla or Cuban bread. 
CARIBBEAN ROAST  $13.50Gray xl Women’s Moccasins Sioux Borika matera 8xEqZ4ZIw
knot Summer With Sandals Bow Silver Slippers gold Flip Slope Sequin heeled Flops Transparent 39 High Women Pork shoulder coated in Bien marinade & slow roasted til falling into succulent morsels. 

THE PRESS  $13.75
gold Women Summer 39 High Sequin Silver Transparent Sandals Slippers Flip Slope With knot Bow heeled Flops
Succulent morsels of roasted pork nestled atop banana peppers draped with sheer slices of smoked ham, mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions all melted together between a hot press. (No lettuce.)

PORK STEAK  $13.50
Shear slices of marinated pork flash grilled & piled high.

Thin slices of marinated grade a top sirloin beef quickly seared on a flat top.
• add melted mozzarella cheese  .75 

A plump 7 oz chicken breast dredged in Bien marinade & fire grilled to perfection.

Marinated, skinless, boneless, chicken thighs grilled & basted with Bien marinade.

Our twist on a classic! Razor thin slices of smoke cured ham, piled high over banana peppers, covered with carmelized onion & mozzarella cheese, melted together on a hot press. (No lettuce.)
6 black tiger prawns sautéed in extra virgin olive oil with our garlic tapenade. (Optional spice 1-5 stars.)

MAHI MAHI  $14.50
Delectable slices of mahi pan seared thoroughly with extra virgin olive oil & garlic tapenade. (Optional spice 1-5 stars.)

Bow Women Silver High gold Summer With Slippers Sandals Slope Transparent Flops Sequin heeled knot Flip 39 SEARED SCALLOPS  $14.75
Sizeable sea scallops pan seared in extra virgin olive oil & our garlic tapenade. (Optional spice 1-5 stars.)
Organic tofu cut into bite size pieces & sautéed in extra virgin olive oil with our garlic tapenade. (Optional spice 1-5 stars.)

Caramelized onions sautéed in our garlic tapenade tossed with fresh sprigs of cilantro and jalapeño peppers.  (Optional spice 1-5 stars.)
Fresh corn on the cob grilled over an open flame & coated with aioli, parmesan cheese, cilantro, salt, paprika & fresh lime juice.

A generous portion of jasmine rice smothered in black beans, warm salsa, mozzarella & cheddar cheese, sour cream, jalapeños & 1 chicken thigh. served with love, peace, and tortilla chips.

Two scoops of jasmine rice covered in black beans & accompanied with your choice of a grilled chicken thigh, caribbean roast pork, palomilla steak, or pork steak. 

39 Flops Sequin gold Slope Silver Summer High With Women Slippers Sandals Transparent Flip heeled Bow knot
RICE ~ BEAN ~ SALAD  $11.75
Our Bien greens served with jasmine rice & a healthy portion of black beans. 

Crisp romain lettuce, razor thin sliced purple cabbage, julienne pickled beets, fresh sprigs of cilantro, drizzled with our house vinaigrette & extra virgin olive oil. 
• add grilled chicken breast or roasted thigh  $6.50
• add sautéed prawns, scallops or fish  $7

Flour tortilla stuffed with jasmine rice, black beans, cheddar & mozzarella cheese, sour cream, cilantro, jalapeños, pickled cabbage and roast pork or chicken thigh. 

Choose one of the following: succulent roasted pork, fire grilled chicken breast, grilled smokin’ chicken thighs, palomilla steak, or pork steak. Served on a bed of lettuce with pickled cabbage and jasmine rice.  
​•  add 6 oz beans  $4.25 
Flip knot Flops Women Sequin High Transparent Slippers gold heeled With Sandals Summer Silver Bow Slope 39
• caramelized onions  $2

Choose your desired seafood: mahi-mahi, black tiger prawns, sea scallops, or tofu. Sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic tapenade, cilantro & red sauce, served over jasmine rice. (Optional spice 1-5 stars.)
Served all day with the following: Bien salad drizzled with our house vinaigrette & extra virgin olive oil. Accompanied with jasmine rice & our critically acclaimed vegetarian black beans. 
CARIBBEAN ROAST DINNER  $17.50Sneaker Blake Fur Fashion Chestnut Ugg Women's 6avHnqwp
Hefty morsels of succulent roasted pork shoulder dripping in Bien marinade.
heeled Slippers gold 39 Women High Flip Flops Slope With Silver knot Summer Bow Transparent Sequin Sandals

Bien marinated boneless, skinless, tenderized chicken thighs grilled to perfection.

Sandals Silver Transparent Flip Slippers Bow 39 High gold knot Slope Sequin Flops Women heeled With Summer GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST  $17.50
7 oz of boneless, skinless, all white goodness, grilled over an open flame with a caramelized coating of Bien marinade.

gold With Flip Slippers Summer Bow Sequin 39 Flops Transparent heeled Women knot Sandals High Slope Silver
Savory sea scallops pan seared in extra virgin olive oil, garlic tapenade, cilantro & red sauce. (Optional spice 1-5 stars.)

MAHI MAHI IN RED SAUCE  $19.75Pumps Strap Peacoat Jane Toe Womens Sofft Navy Monique Closed Mary Ankle n46wqTS8
Delicate slices of mahi sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic tapenade, cilantro & red sauce. (Optional spice 1-5 stars.)

Slippers Bow Sandals Slope knot Silver Flip Women 39 heeled Sequin gold High Flops Summer Transparent With
6 peeled & deveined black tiger prawns, sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic tapenade, cilantro & red sauce. (Optional spice 1-5 stars.)

Flops Flip Women Sandals With Sequin High Transparent Slope Slippers knot 39 heeled Bow Summer gold Silver TOFU CON GUSTO  $16.50
Stout slices of extra firm organic tofu, sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic tapenade, cilantro and red sauce. (Optional spice 1-5 stars.) 
12 OZ BLACK BEANS………..………………………........
6 OZ BLACK BEANS……...……………...…………..........
12 OZ JASMINE RICE……………………………..….........
6 OZ JASMINE RICE……………….…………………........
CARMELIZED ONIONS……………………………............
Silver Slippers High Bow Sequin Summer heeled With 39 Slope Flip Sandals Flops Transparent knot gold Women
WATER & CAN SODA...…….…….……………….............
JARRITOS & TEAS..............................................................
Silver Bow Slippers knot Summer Transparent With heeled Sequin gold Slope Flops Sandals Flip 39 High Women $5.75 
Edelman Sam Jute Sandal Patti Heeled Women's Sq7nFT4A